stone urn repaired with mineral repairs

Our stonemasons utilise a range of methods and solutions for the sympathetic restoration and preservation of historic monuments.

As well as traditional masonry conservation techniques we use the latest mineral products, which can be used to repair even the finest tracery detailing and is approved by many leading heritage bodies.

Mineral repairs are now a big hit within restoration circles and have been used on prestigious buildings of national significance such as St Pancreas station, the Royal Opera House and York Minster.

Conventional repairs to damaged masonry involve the replacement or indenting of decayed or damaged stone. Mineral restoration can offer a subtler, less invasive and cost effective solution for the cleaning, consolidation, repair and preservation of natural stone. Natural stone mineral repairs include a range of different measures and processes which have a preservative, restorative or preventative action. Its uses include:

Stone consolidation

Stone replacement and repair

Stone washes and water repellents

damaged ornate stone urn
stone mineral repairs to damaged urn
stone mineral repairs