McMillan Masonry is a leading expert in the manufacture and installation of natural stone porticos. We have supplied stone porticos throughout the United Kingdom in all sizes, stone type and architectural order for both commercial and residential properties.

The designers and stonemasons at McMillan Masonry will use their understanding of classical architectural proportions to help you create an entranceway that not only enhances your building but compliments its period and style.

Whilst we can provide drawings we can also work under direction from an architect or designer to ensure that the manufacture and install process are undertaken professionally by qualified and experienced stonemasons.

sandstone portico

At McMillan Masonry we design and mason porticos, colonnades, rotundas and porte-coches in natural stone but understand that a cost effective alternative is cast stone. We supply an entirely bespoke service in cast stone as well as in natural stone.

Every architectural element from the entasis on the pillars and pilasters, the calculations of the capitals the architrave, the frieze and cornice are set out to classically correct proportions. Our experienced stone masons take the same discipline to Portico assembly as they do to controlled Cathedral conditions; it success rests entirely on precision and attention to detail.